How to upload your files to H&M Court Reporting

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a new client, please email us to request login credentials.

Step 1: Prepare your files for upload

  1. Create a folder on your desktop. Name the folder the proceeding or case name.
  2. Insert the CD in your disc drive. Go to “Computer” and select the disc drive. Click the file name once and then right click and select “Open.”
  3. Highlight/block all the files on the CD, then right click and select “Copy.” Then “Paste” all files into the folder you just created on your desktop.
  4. Click on the same folder once to highlight/block, right click and select “Send to.” Then select “Compressed.” This will create a zipped folder on your desktop.

Step 2: Login to our secure upload page to upload your files.

Click the big “LOGIN” button to log in.    LOGIN

  1. Returning clients may click the custom URL (link) that was emailed to them.
  2. Enter your user name and password
  3. Drag the folder from your desktop and drop it into the white space anywhere under the word “New.”
  4. Don’t close your browser window until the upload progress bar (near the top of the window) has reached the end and your file appears in the list, or it will terminate your upload. You can work on other things while the folder is uploading.

Please call Georgi if you have any questions: +1 (907) 274-5661